Misanthropic Global Warming Theory

The hysteria over allegedly man-made global warming increasingly reveals its true nature: founded in a sense of guilt and self-hatred. How else to explain this nonsense published in a medical journal. From Jen Kelley in the Adelaide Advertiser:

A WEST Australian medical expert wants families to pay a $5000-plus "baby levy" at birth and an annual carbon tax of up to $800 a child.

Writing in today's Medical Journal of Australia, Associate Professor Barry Walters said every couple with more than two children should be taxed to pay for enough trees to offset the carbon emissions generated over each child's lifetime.

Professor Walters, clinical associate professor of obstetric medicine at the University of Western Australia and the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, called for condoms and "greenhouse-friendly" services such as sterilisation procedures to earn carbon credits.

And he implied the Federal Government should ditch the $4133 baby bonus and consider population controls like those in China and India.
Human beings are now regarded as mere pollution, to be abated like some toxic chemical. And this from an obstetrician!
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