Is Paul Krugman bucking for a Cabinet position in a Clinton Administration?

Paul Krugman continues to carry water for Hillary Clinton, with another hit piece on Barack Obama and his health care proposals in the New York Times.
Krugman suggests you need to go to war with the drug companies and insurance companies to get real change, and Obama is too soft on them,  since he would invite them to be part of the debate (Krugman might believe it is better  to water-board their executives, after first taking all their money in higher taxes). 

One wonders what role Krugman has been promised in a future Clinton administration? Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors? Treasury Secretary? Krugman was once considered  a talented young economist, perhaps, in line for a future Nobel Prize in economics, if he kept up his research work. 

But unlike the  Nobel Peace Prize, where a primary consideration appears to be your America bashing credentials, the prize in economics regularly is awarded to serious scholars,  not pedestrian partisan gutter fighters, which is what Krugman has become. It also does not win him any respect that his  newspaper columns routinely require  corrections, since he plays so loose with facts.

Krugman offers John Edwards as the corporate bashing alternative to Obama. But any serious political observer has to be aware that Edwards, who is accepting federal matching funds, is competitive only in Iowa, and does not have the money or organization for a long battle with either Clinton or Obama, even if Edwards wins in Iowa, which he might, having all but lived there for two years.

Since none of Clinton's shrill attacks on Obama have registered, except to damage her,  the assault on Obama by Krugman, is a better strategy, calling into question his progressive credentials, and even more, his toughness. If Krugman's message has any impact in Iowa, and damages Obama's momentum by putting him on defense,  then Edwards might win the state, a very acceptable result for Clinton. . Obama is then deprived of the momentum he expected to to carry him to further and perhaps decisive wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

And John Edwards stays alive for a few more weeks, before becoming roadkill for the Clinton machine down the road. 
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