Iran bans the word 'women'

Iran has banned the use of the word "women" from public television, insisting that it be replaced with "family". Gateway Pundit calls attention to this, and to another outrage against women in Iran: the case of a young female doctor:

Zahra Bani Yaghoub (pictured), 27, died after being arrested in the city of Hamedan, west of Tehran, for walking in public with a man who wasn't her husband or a relative.
I wonder when the UN will condemn this abuse of women? There is a whole raft of UN declarations re: rights of women, after all. From

The Position of Women in UN Human Rights Documents

The controversial position of women's rights within human rights is also reflected in the development of international agreements and documents, via which women's rights can be determined and violations of women's rights punished by the United Nations (UN) worldwide. The text is divided up into the following sections:

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