Heisman Trophy notes

With Tim Tebow having just received the #1 individual sports trophy in the world I thought it was quite interesting to notice the similar backgrounds of all three Gator Heisman winners. The commonality is that they all have Protestant Christian ministers for fathers.

You see after the hidden mysteries of genetics that sprout out of who know where except God, what a man says and does is what really counts. Humility is the strongest of personal characteristics that find their foundation in integrity.  

Humility and untegrity are learned attributes that not only have to be taught, but need to be received and acted on. That really shows in this year's winner. ESPN 's Lee Corso said that Tebow is probably the best face for college football of all time and that comes from a FSU graduate.

Florida is only the second school to have had 3 quarterbacks to get this distinguished award. The other was Notre Dame. Of course it would have been nearly impossible for their winners to have had a Catholic priest as father, except by a miracle or some rules infraction. But it would not be out of line to suspect that religious training had something to do with their performance.

Jared Harold
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