Gore's Green Fiasco

Al Gore is quick to level accusations of ulterior motives to anyone who challenges his claims for Anthropogenic Global Warming, most recently saying that 30 of the scientists listed in the recent Senate Minority Report are compromised because they may have at one time been funded or sponsored by the oil industry.

Perhaps this is psychological projection however, since Gore’s own hands (or at least those of his associates) are not entirely clean when it comes to true claims about environmental science and technology. 

CNN/TIME reported in 1997:

“The Money Trail: Gore's Friends In High Places; Despite doubts about its technology, the company of a Gore contributor rakes in big federal contracts”

MOLTEN METAL TECHNOLOGIES Inc. made extravagant claims about its environmental remediation technology, claims that won the support of Senator and then Vice President Al Gore. The company received tens of millions of dollars of special DOE funding at the behest of a Gore crony. The fact that the company’s claims for its technology proved totally overblown and unworkable eventually led to its demise.   
But certainly those claims made by its spokesman and advocates could have had nothing to do with the fact that they were paid by the company?  Not in Al Gore’s sphere-of-influence.  No Sir indeed! Such claims were totally honest and above-board and any mistakes were honest ones too.
Too bad Gore can’t extend similar courtesy and benefit-of-the-doubt regarding professionalism and sincere motives to his scientific opponents.
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