Bhutto Assassinated

She escaped a suicide bomb attack shortly after returning home just 2 months ago. But former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was the number one target of Islamic extremists in Pakistan and as expected, they struck again today - this time, successfully:

Bhutto suffered bullet wounds in the aftermath of the bomb attack, TV networks were reporting.

Police warned citizens to stay home as they expected rioting to break out in city streets as a shocked Pakistan absorbed the news of Bhutto's assassination. Video of the scene just moments before the explosion showed Bhutto stepping into a heavily-guarded vehicle to leave the rally.

Bhutto was rushed to Rawalpindi General Hospital -- less than two miles from the bombing scene -- where doctors pronounced her dead. Former Pakistan government spokesman Tariq Azim Khan said while it appeared Bhutto was shot, it was unclear if the bullet wounds to her head and neck were caused by a shooting or if it was shrapnel from the bomb.
Those very well could be bullet wounds because just hours earlier, someone fired into a crowd of supporters of another former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, killing four and injuring many more.

We will update this post throughout the day.