105 die in China mine explosion

If I were a coal-mining manager in China, I'd sure be looking for a new job -- if they'd let me, that is. The BBC reports:

State media says the managers of the mine have been arrested for causing the accident by mining a coal seam that had not been authorised for production.

They also allegedly delayed reporting the accident for six hours while conducting their own rescue operation.


Xinhua said rescue workers believed managers at the mine had tried to launch a rescue operation by themselves, "which magnified the number of casualties".
Unauthorized seam mining and a six-hour reporting delay resulting from trying "to launch a rescue operation by themselves" -- wow! When the next mining disaster occurs, will be interesting to see if the mining managers are arrested for failing to immediately start rescue operations. Any bets?

An average of 13 miners are killed every single day down the pits.

No surprise then that the Chicoms aren't all that worried about poisonous dog food and tainted toys for tots. Though they did arrest that one guy for exporting toxic toothpaste.  Oh wait! They've already executed him.....
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