Whose Bright Idea was This?


In good economic times, it becomes difficult to recruit and especially retain military people - particularly in jobs vital the war effort.

That's why the Pentagon offered bonuses for re-enlisting up to $30,000 - a nice incentive for many soldiers who are underpaid to begin with and who serve our country selflessly.

But someone has goose dung for brains in the Pentagon. The military now is demanding a return of part or all of those reenlistment bonuses. And from
wounded soldiers to boot:

Fox was seriously injured when a roadside bomb blew up his vehicle. He was knocked unconscious. His back was injured and lost all vision in his right eye.

A few months later Fox was sent home. His injuries prohibited him from fulfilling three months of his commitment. A few days ago, he received a letter from the military demanding nearly $3,000 of his signing bonus back.

"I tried to do my best and serve my country. I was unfortunately hurt in the process. Now they're telling me they want their money back," he explained.
This isn't just a bad idea. It is an idiotic idea. An insult to the troops and their families, it boggles the mind that some bean counter at the Pentagon even considered it in the first place.

Whoever thought up this nightmare should be sent to Greenland to man a watchtower.