When first we practice to deceive

Dan Riehl catches a not very internet savvy Clintonite, dumping dirt on Obama to Drudge:

Check this out - Drudge has a link to a video of Obama "yelling" at a voter in Iowa - I'd dispute that characterization. As it was only uploaded six hours ago by a month old, mostly dormant account - acslat87 - obviously it was trolled to Drudge.

I believe before Drudge had a link up, njpitney subscribed to acslat87's videos. Who is njpitney? He would seem to be linked to Think Progress and counts Carville85 as one of his friends. Update: Njpitney also subscribes to clintonfoundationorg videos through YouTube, as evidenced by profile links above.

Gee, I wonder which camp sent the Obama video to Drudge?
Maybe, that's why it's called the web.