Ron Paul's Nazi Supporters (Update for Paulbots)

We have in the past documented the support of Congressman Ron Paul's presidential candidacy by fringe groups, including white supremecists and Nazis. We have continually called upon the Congressman to disavow these haters and return any monies received from them.

Evidently, according to Daniel Siederaski of the Jewish Telegraph Agency who has been trying to get an interview with Paul, calling him repeatedly but not receiving any return calls, the Texas Congressman "...will take money from Nazis. But he won’t take
telephone calls from Jews:"

I had intended to write a story about the Congressman, and to provide him with the opportunity to distance himself from his extremist supporters, to clarify his position on Israel, and to state his case to the Jewish community. Yet, after three weeks of repeated telephone calls, two chats with his Deputy Communications Director, and several left voicemail messages, I have yet to receive a callback to schedule an interview. Which leads me to conclude the following about the Congressman from Texas: Ron Paul will take money from Nazis. But he won’t take telephone calls from Jews.
Any other serious candidate for President would recognize that the donations from Nazis and white supremecists are tainted and should be returned. Apparently, Congressman Paul is quite willing to not only take the hater's money, but also don't mind that they race around the internet defending his positions in the most nauseating ways imagineable, thus tarring the more stable and normal Paul supporters.

If Paul believes he can control this element in his campaign and use it for his own purposes, he is sadly mistaken. They have placed the mark of Cain on his head and few decent voters will cast their ballots for him unless he dissassociates himself from tthem.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky


It does no good to whine to me in emails that I am treating Paul unfairly. He is being treated thusly because he is taking money from racists, Jew-haters, anti-Catholic bigots, and other haters. He is attracting that money because of the positions he takes.

He refuses to discourage the giving from the lunatic fringe because he has people like you - the non haters - who excuse and apologize in his name. By sticking up for his right to take money from Nazis to get elected president, you are as bad as he is - where the means justifies the ends and may the devil take ethics, civility, or common decency.

Want people to stop writing articles accusing Paul of  bad things? Get him to stop doing the bad things. You can do it by refusing to give money yourself or writing and telling the campaign that you will not support him unless he immediately and unconditionally rejects, refutes, and repudiates the support of the Kluxers, Nazis, and other haters.

The fact that I and others must point this out to you is incredible. What moral universe do you inhabit that you can support a candidate who so cavalierly plays with fire by allowing these elements free reign to run around boasting of their support for Ron Paul?

Wake up. And please stop writing me. I stopped reading you long ago.