Re-sinking John Kerry

When I saw this report that John Kerry is finally ready to take on the Swift Boat Veterans, my muse could not be held in check:

Re-sinking John Kerry

From Davy Jones' locker a zombie emerges,

A Purple Heart phony with political urges;

Assuring the press he regrets his Swift boating,

John Kerry believes his boat is still floating.

He readily admits that he got torpedoed,

But he's up on his sail board, defiant and Speedo'd.

The arrogant fool believes his wife's riches

Is enough to trump all of us Swift sons-of-bitches.

But John is a zombie, a dead sailor walking,

His brain is long dead but his mouth is still talking.

He needs a torpedo through his political heart,

Reducing his speeches to a bubbling fart.

Though Kerry pretends that his life isn't haunted

By Vietnam vets he slandered and taunted,

The younger among them will bury this knave,

And stand waiting in line to piss on his grave.

If I were John Kerry I'd consider cremation,

Lest I lie in the soggiest grave in the nation.

Russ Vaughn
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66