No Facebook friendships

In the hot air peace conference that George Bush and Condoleezza Rice are currently hosting, the Saudi Arabian delegates refused to shake hands with the Israelis.  Joining in this highly public display of weakness (and make no mistake, this action signifies weakness and hypocrisy about peace), according to Tom Gross of National Review Online:

In a move that has angered many, particularly young people, the Syrian government has blocked the Facebook website, reports the Lebanese paper, Al-Safir.

The authorities in Damascus have not explained the meaning of the move, but observers said that it was motivated by a fear that Syrians might strike up friendships with Israelis, reports Al-Safir. (snip)

Hotmail is also regularly blocked in Syria.

Indeed over the past few months the Syrian regime has intensified a campaign against bloggers, virtual opinion forums, and independent media sites. And Syrian human rights groups report that there is now an "Internet political crimes" ward at one prison.
And this says it all about the Syrians', or their Moslem counterparts', commitment to real peace. It does, however, indicate that the Arabs do view this as a hudna opportunity, ie, a sanctioned, temporary peace until they regain their strength, break the treaty and resume their war against the enemy. 

Remember Arafat's smiles, agreements and yes, even handshakes with then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and then President Bill Clinton?  Of course, in Arabic Arafat told his people all this meant nothing.  And being faithful to the latter, Arafat returned home and launched his murderous intifada, showing what he really thought of peace with Israelis.

Or, to use a by now cliched but still apt comparison, nearly 70 years ago Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler talked and promised peace in our time.  And then, Hitler launched one of the deadliest wars in history. 

hat tip: Naomi Ragen