How AP defines the 'vast majority of parents'

Steve Gilbert of Sweetness & Light shreds the AP/IPSOS poll reported today under a headline suggesting a vast majority of parents want schools to distribute birth control devices to their children, the kind of poll others refer to as a "hamburger helper" poll because it  purportedly provides evidentiary support for an issue the editors agree with--in this case a plan in Maine to do so:

Here is polling question upon which this claim rests;

polling question

Is that how you read the results? That 67% support giving contraceptives to students?

Doesn't this mean that only 30% approve of doing so, unless the school has the consent of the parents?

And speaking of parents, most of the respondents aren't:

parent or not

Lastly, but not leastly, regular readers should not be surprised to hear that in its patented fashion, this AP/Ipsos poll oversampled Democrats by 13%, just as they always do.