Hillary imitates Johnny Cochran

Hillary Clinton was not too happy that a picture of a nude man was on a wall in a home where a fundraiser was to occur. No problem. The owner took it down, saying it was done for "conservation" reasons but that it would be back up "for the innaugural."

"It's an iconic photograph in political fundraising circles," Tony Podesta told us yesterday. The $250,000 picture made quite a backdrop at a fundraiser for Clinton's Senate campaign, where the official photographer spent the night with his back to the art to prevent her from appearing in a shot with the naked guy. "She teases me about it all the time," said Podesta.
Call it censorship, or political correctness, if you may. But in reality, it suggests shades of the behavior of the late Johnny Cochran. During the O. J. Simpson trial, jurors (mostly African American women) were taken to Simpson's home. The many pictures on the wall of nude women (most of them white women) were removed, replaced by pictures of Martin Luther King and other African American heroes. 

As for Hillary Clinton and her campaign, authenticity and honesty are not what comes to mind.