Gallup Poll Shows Americans "Angry and Frustrated" with Dems in Congress

Even though the President suffers from record low approval numbers, the Democratic Congress is, if anything, faring worse as far as popularity is concerned according to a new Gallup Poll:The latest Gallup Panel survey, conducted Oct. 25-28, 2007, asked Americans to say whether they are “pleased,” “neutral,” “disappointed,” or “angry” about the way the Democrats in Congress have been dealing with seven major issues confronting the nation. Overall, relatively few Americans are pleased with the Democrats’ performance on any of them. This ranges from 7% for the federal budget deficit to 17% for terrorism. Between 12% and 26% say they are angry about the issues. However, most Americans fall in between, with the plurality generally saying they are disappointed with congressional Democrats’ performance on each.Just 8% of the public is "Pleased" with the job the Democratic Congress is doing on immigration while 65% are...(Read Full Post)