French and German foreign ministers sing along with an Islamofascist

If it weren't so dangerous, the naïveté demonstrated by the foreign ministers of France and Germany would be almost touching. The two grandees have in effect endorsed a violent Islamist. You haven't read about it in our mainstream media, of course.

Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna reports on a building scandal in Germany that has so far eluded notice here, but which has garnered considerable attention across the pond. It is all about
...a feel-good Multicultural occasion when the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Bernard Kouchner, his French counterpart, did a little off-key musical number in a recording studio with a Turkish-German pop singer.
The object was of course a plea for tolerance, integration and diversity. Germany hosts a huge number of Turkish gastarbeiter immigrant workers, many now two generations into German residency (and citizenship for many)  but still not fully assimilated.

So what's the problem with a plea for tolerance? They weren't singing Kumbaya, but they might as well have been. The song was unexceptional feel-good pablum, but the Turkish pop star chosen to accompany the two foreign ministers turns out to reflect a rather ugly but common side of Muslim life, even among a supposedly advanced and tolerant lot like the Turks.
"Muhabbet -- he seems to have only a single name, like Cher, Sting, or Madonna -- is not your average Turkish-German rap singer: he has this nasty little habit of promoting violent jihad in his songs."
The German blog Politically Incorrect reports  further:
Quite awkward though, the german TV midnight-news "Tagesschau" presented the film-maker Esther Schapira (...), who had produced an award winning documentation about the murder of Theo van Gogh by an Islamist. She said in front of the TV-cameras, Muhabbet had come towards her and a colleague of hers after the award winning ceremony and told them van Gogh would have been "lucky, he died so fast". Muhabbet explained he would have imprisoned and tortured him in the basement first and added: "Ayaan Hirsi Ali has earned death too."
An emailer to Gates of Vienna provides more detail:

Esther Schapira went onto primetime TV news and told her story. First, Muhabbet denied the whole incident. Then he said he was misunderstood. Finally he floated a third version: I'll translate some highlights:


"... I said to her, that if some people would see that film they would torture and kill the man who made it."


"So, you never heard about that film, Submission, and that Theo von Gogh was murdered?"


"No, never. I was in the studio... but upon request by management I'll soon start to read newspapers..."



"Well, that's kind of what actually happened, isn't it?"


"Maybe I had a vision, [...] or I can see into the past [...] When I saw these pictures, the nudity and religion, I asked myself: aren't the people who check on things? Why isn't there censorship?..."


"This is legal in Holland and Germany."


"I didn't know that."

Their interest piqued, the press looked into Muhabbet's musical offerings. I'll translate:
a coffin I've reserved for you
the streets are mine, God has favored me
fear for your belongings
you'll all pay dearly
fear for your belongings
you'll burn in the fire
the end is nigh, you run naked across the meadow
you feel death touching your neck, you are an infidel
pact of wolves, run with the wolf pack
bloody horizon, death is peaceful
...and so on and so on. Tons of it. And this is recent stuff. A YouTube search will quickly yield all sorts of world-dominatin' heathen-killin' fag-and-c**t-killin' wolves, who also have a thing for God. The audience in the videos appears to interpret this as songs about the religio-nationalist Türkish organization "the Grey Wolves", as they make clear by their hand signs.
When are establishment politicians in the United States and Europe goping to wake up and realize that substantial numbers of Muslims (I don't know the percentage, but just 5% of the world's Muslims would equal 50 million people or more) want to destroy Western civilization, and that sympathizers, in part or in whole, are far more numerous. A Turkish pop star in Germany does not gain a following if he is out of touch with his audience.

The United States has not been immune to such nonsense: witness the deference still accorded to CAIR.

But surely it would not have been too difficult for the Foreign Ministries of France and Germany to do a little tiny bit of research before committing their august heads to this sort of cozying up. Or do they really believe that all problems between Muslims and the West are the fault of the intolerant West? If so, they should not hold their jobs.

Hat tip: Larwyn