Exposing a Global Warming hoaxer

Gaius of Blue Crab Boulevard has tracked down the hoaxer who created a fake scientific journal to discredit critics of global warming theory.

Thanks to alert reader Cedric, we now have a confession form David Thorpe that he was , indeed, the person who intentionally put up the fraudulent GEOCLIMATICSTUDIES.INFO website, that he did so with the intent of trying to discredit people he disagrees with and one other very, very important thing for the media to remember.

The resort to hoaxing does not argue that proponents of global warming theory are very confident of their own scientific grounding. And foolish leftists publicly congratulate him on his dirty trick. Going on record approving of lying does not speak that well of their intelligence, though they no doubt pride themselves on being smarter than conservatives.

Congratulations and kudos to Cedric and Gaius. Well-done, gentlemen.