Anti-theistic Film Premieres Next Month

Anti-theistic thought, and the books promoting this barren philosophy are ably described by Bruce Walker in his column in yesterday's AT.  It was only a matter of time before Hollywood got into the act and made the first in what is hoped to be a series of films countering C.S. Lewis' hugely successful Chronicles of Narnia.  Urban Legends has a good rundown on Nicole Kidman's forthcoming anti-theist movie, The Golden Compass.  Many such rumors get debunked on, but this time the concern is real.  Fox News discussed this last month on John Gibson's show, while Fox and Friends talked it about it last week.   The Urban Legends page says it all.  Simply put, Hollywood is basing the movie on the least anti-theist book by Phillip Pullman to lure in the kiddies in the hopes of getting them to buy into the complete series of anti-Narnia type stories.  From the Urban Legends entry:

Bill Donohue, president of The Catholic League, has condemned The Golden Compass as a "pernicious" effort to indoctrinate children into anti-Christian beliefs and has produced a 23-page pamphlet titled The Golden Compass: Unmasked in which he maintains that Pullman "sells atheism for kids." Donohoe told interviewer John Gibson on 9 October 2007 why he believes Christians should stay away from the film:

"Look, the movie is based on the least offensive of the three books. And they have dumbed down the worst elements in the movie because they don't want to make Christians angry and they want to make money. Our concern is this, unsuspecting Christian parents may want to take their kid to the movie, it opens up December 7th and say, this wasn't troubling, then we'll buy the books. So the movie is the bait for the books which are profoundly anti-Catholic and at the same time selling atheism."

IMDB confirms the  movie's release date as December 7th, although it has just finished production on November 3rd, and therefore, the schedule is subject to change.  This should give more than enough time to shine the light of truth on another piece of Hollywood anti-theistic propaganda.

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