Stunning New York Times video op-ed

Today's pro-terrorist video op-ed posted on the New York Times website represents a new kind of low for the troubled newspaper.  (Click and watch: the short video gives you the flavor of the agit-prop production coming from the film makers.)

The people behind the project have a history. Molly Bingham, director, works for the George Soros-funded and anti-Israel Human Rights Watch as a consultant and has done projects for that organization in the past. According to her biography posted on the film's website:
In Washington on September 11 Bingham got some of the only close up pictures of the Pentagon, and followed the story of AmericaÕs (sic) response to the 9/11 attacks to Afghanistan later in the fall. 2002 found Bingham in the Gaza Strip and Iran before heading to Iraq shortly before the US attack in March 2003. Bingham was detained for eight days by the Iraqi government security services and held in Abu Ghraib prison with four other westerners during the war, and released to Jordan in early April 2003. Bingham's first major written story - on the Iraqi resistance - was published in Vanity Fair in July 2004.
The other person listed as director (why not "co-directors"?), Steve  Connors claims to have "worked for most of the worldsÕ (sic) newspapers and magazines". He is quite proud of his photo series titled "Holy Land-Unholy State" featuring images of Israelis and Palestinians interacting that are clearly biased against Israel. (The multiple pages are worth clicking through to fully appreciate Connors' agenda). These photos would be appropriate for a Hezbollah and Hamas photo gallery.  

The producer, Daniel J. Chalfen, has had his films shown at the UN, the UNHCR (refugee agency-certainly anti-Israel, anti-American), Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International.

The New York Times gives these people and their repulsive project free promotion.
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