Some speech is freer than others

Despite justifying the appearance of I'm-going-to-eliminate-Israel and "the-Holocaust-never-happened Mohammed Ahmadinejad, apparently Columbia University's president Lee Bollinger does not believe in total academic freedom of speech.

After learning about some anti Jewish message accessorized with a swastika that was etched on a bathroom wall Bollinger ordered it removed and investigated. He added the discovery of such "an anti Semitic smear" saddened him. The report did not indicate if this "smear" appeared in a men's, women's or genderless bathroom. Bollinger said such behavior would not be tolerated.

"Despite the irrational, destructive hatred that persists in our society and world, we do not accept this anywhere at this University. No one among us should feel marginalized or threatened by words of hatred."
Hmmm, does this mean that Bollinger believes Ahmadinejad is rational and constructive and did not speak "words of hatred" at his recent Columbia speech?