Ron Paul Story: Clarification and Partial Retraction

My Ron Paul post yesterday generated the usual coordinated, vicious attacks that we have come to expect from the unhinged, ignorant supporters of the candidate. They were upset last week when I posted on the contribution to the Paul campaign from a neo Nazi and white supremacist, making the totally illogical and hysterical leap that by doing so, I was smearing all Paul supporters. I was doing nothing of the sort, of course. I was making the perfectly legitimate argument that Paul himself could be accused of supporting that agenda because he had neither disavowed nor returned the contribution. And as far as we know, he still has done neither.

This is how they operate. They seek to intimidate those who publish negative information on their candidate either through direct threats or innuendo. And the effort is so obviously coordinated, with many emailers using the exact same arguments, that the fake outrage, name calling, and harrassment becomes reminiscent of the tactics used by thugs. 

Don't believe me? Here are a couple of samples from the email file:

jack ass americans are not beleiving your jew bulls**t anymore america is wakeing up and we are  going to do away with the scum and isreal once and for all after mr paul  term is done we are going to vote in his son. then hopefully his son after that. so basicaly stick your head back up your A-- and shut up..

We've withheld the name of the emailer above out of pity. And then there was this emailer:

To say Ron Paul is marginalized by the media because he's crazy is to buy intocircular logic, since the basis by which you think he's crazy is from the media. It's in the paid media's interest to "control" the election process by disseminating information with selection-bias and adjectives like "long-shot" and "crazy." They have clearly chosen a subset of candidates to marginalize and another subset to put in the spotlight, to serve this interest. The overwhelming majority of people who care about this process want Ron Paul to be put in the spotlight so that others who care not-as much get the untainted facts.

Part and parcel of the Paul campaign is generating media "conspiracies" that don't exist. Mr. Paul has said much the same thing in his appearances - which, in most rational people's minds makes him unfit to be president.

As far as the specific charge in my piece yesterday that the Paul campaign paid 9/11 truther and New World Order conspiracist Alex Jones $1300 in "services," the facts of the matter are different. The "disbursement" that was paid to Mr. Jones was a
partial refund of a campaign contribution made by Jones, who originally donated the maximum amount of $2300.

I regret the confusion caused by the difference between "services" rendered by Mr. Jones and the partial refund of his contribution.

What I don't regret and will continue to do despite the intimidation is highlight the nature of Mr. Paul's supporters. There is a reason neo-Nazis and the paranoid fringe of American politics support the Paul campaign; he appeals to the basest of instincts in our political culture. He may not believe in the neo Nazi agenda but is willing to take money from them as he does the truthers, the black helicopter crowd, and the New World Order conspiracy nuts. He has not returned these contributions nor has he disavowed their support. He has appeared several times on Alex Jones radio show - something that no serious candidate for president should do.

Why? Here's a blurb from Jones' latest film,

Estulin explains that the Bilderberg Group control the world by means of a process called systemic methodology, where they carve up the globe into numerous different pieces and then place their designated frontmen in charge of the major institutions that govern each part of the world.

By this method, Bilderberg were able to merge the nations of Europe into the EU under the guise of trade deals, and the same process is now unfolding with Canada, the U.S. and Mexico being conglomerated to form the North American Union - but not without committed resistance on behalf of the American people.

That resistance is being countered by the beefing of a brutal police state nationwide and the increasing use of U.S. troops in domestic law enforcement. Endgame exposes how the elite are trying to overcome opposition to their agenda by instituting the framework of martial law with executive orders that are designed to combat "domestic insurrection," as President George Bush officially announces a fiat dictatorship.
For those not aware how truly "out there" Alex Jones ideas are, let the above instruct you. And Ron Paul gladly gives credence and credibility to this idiocy by accepting campaign contributions from him as well as appearing on his show.

Is this a man fit to be president?

Paul's supporters will continue their campaign of intimidation against us, of that I am sure. But I for one will not be deterred from reporting on the decidedly unbalanced and frightening nature of both his supporters and the direction his campaign would take America.