Ron Paul Campaign Employs Loony 9/11 Truther

Following the revelation that the Ron Paul campaign refused to acknowledge and return a donation from a white supremacist, it has been revealed that the Paul campaign paid notorious conspiracy nut and 9/11 truther radio host Alex Jones $1300 in "services."

Jones, whose rants about black helicopters and the loony conspiracies surrounding "The New World Order" have been an internet staple for the unbalanced among us for years, has become something of a cult hero for his pushing 9/11 conspiracy theories about the US government's purported involvement in the tragedy.

Ed Morrissey notes the significance:
This goes much closer to the heart of Paul's direction. While anyone can contribute to a political campaign, the choice of where the money goes is directly and completely relevant to an analysis of the candidate. If Paul chooses to help fund a 9/11 Truther, voters can reasonably conclude that Paul has sympathy for the paranoid conspiracy theorists.

The Paul campaign really has to explain their support of Alex Jones, more so than they need to explain the David Black contribution. So far, they haven't explained either one.
Paul's paranoid followers probably see nothing wrong with using the "services" of this nut who has been dismissed as a crank by both liberals and conservatives. But the rest of America should take note and judge the candidate accordingly.