Putin's Resurrection of "The Cult of Personality"

To no one's surprise, Russian President Vladmir Putin, banned from seeking a third term, will keep his hands on the levers of power after he leaves office by running for Parliament:Mr. Putin, who spoke at the congress of the United Russia party, the country’s dominant political force, said he would lead that party’s candidate list in the December parliamentary elections. The announcement was at once consistent and surprising. The president, who is popular among Russia’s citizens and has a centralized lock on his government, has often said he intended to remain involved in politics beyond his second term. He has even said that he may seek re-election after another president holds the office, as the Russian Constitution allows him to do. But he had not previously suggested a new political office for himself immediately after the presidential election next March, as he did when he said he could become Russia’s next prime minister.It is believed Putin will throw...(Read Full Post)