Noel Sheppard on Dennis Miller Show

AT Contributor (and Newsbusters writer) Noel Sheppard will be a guest in the first hour of the Dennis Miller Show Friday. The show's live feed is available here

 starting at 7 AM PDT, and Noel is scheduled to appear about 7:15 AM PDT. The show is heard at different times in different markets. (Station finder here.) Incidentally, congratulations to the Dennis Miller Show, which is now heard in New York City between 2 and 4 PM on WOR 710 AM, a major milestone for any new syndicated talk show.

Like WGN, on which AT news editor Ed Lasky recently appeared, WOR is a historic pioneer in commercial radio, founded in 1922 by the head of Bamberger's Department Store in Newark as a means of promoting the sales of radios. Macy's eventually Bought Bamverger's, and with it came WOR.

WGN and WOR jointly formed the Mutual Broadcasting System in the face of competition from the CBS and NBC networks, as radio broadcasting was going through a period of rapid growth and consolidation as the newest mass communication medium. Then as now, big corporations played a complex chess game. An interesting snippet from the official WOR history:
In 1934, during an era when newspapers were able to restrict access to news by radio stations, WOR helped to form the Transradio wire service and aired five 15-minute newscasts a day.  Newspapers wanted to retaliate by dropping free daily program listings, but the popularity of WOR and the potential loss of print advertising from Macy's and Bamberger's neutralized the threat and opened the way for wider news coverage.