Neo-Cons and Neo-Commies

Everybody talks about the evil Neo-Cons, but nobody talks about the resurgent Neo-Commies. "Communist" has been expelled from the Politically Correct lexicon -- which tells us a lot about the Commissars of the PC. They bear the most amazing resemblance to the old Commissars of (deleted) who killed 60-100 million people in the 20th century. (And Kim Jong Il, not to mention Red China, are still doing it....)

Mikhail Gorbachev, who should know them when he sees them, recently warned about a "resurgence of Stalinism" in Russia and Eastern Europe.   The history of Communist crimes was being erased, he said.  Well, he was right.

But resurgent Stalinism is not limited to those countries. It's in the US and all over the world, as David Horowitz, another former radical, continues to document in great detail.  The Boomer Left is simply filled to the gills with those who used to be called Commies, but who are now "progressives."

During the heroic period of American liberals, the Communists were thrown out of the Labor movement, and to some extent out of academia. They came back with the Boomer Left, inspired by the call to conduct a "Long March through the institutions." That call came from Gramsci, who was, you guessed it, a famous Communist Party hack in Italy. (The Long March he referenced was Mao Zedong's mytholigized march to power in China, which led to, oh, at least 40 million deaths.) The Boomer Lefties who are now getting old simply stacked all the American institutions they could, from the schools to the courts. (See Hillary's youthful infatuation with Saul Alinsky.)

And yes, they are not patriotic, because they are internationalists. That means they want to submerge this country under the control of a Left-ruled imperium. They say it out loud, when they don't think you're listening.

So the bright line that was once drawn between democratic liberals and totalitarian Communists has simply been erased. Today, The New York Times routinely gives extravagant obits to deep-ruby Reds who have sadly passed away, without making a distinction between Stalinists and other shades. Twenty years ago Hollywood had a goofy movie called Redscelebrating the biggest, most murderous tyranny of the 20th century (which lasted five times longer  than the Nazis).    

Ronald Reagan as President of the Screen Actors Guild had a huge battle with the Stalinist infiltrators of his time, but today, actors are once again arm-twisted by their profession into Talking Red, even if they don't really believe it. And given that we are talking about the most destructive political movement of the 20th century, with the biggest dummy sucker base in the West, this is not good news for the Republic.

So here's a proposal. Let's allow the Left to rant about Neo-Cons; but conservatives will be allowed to call the "new" Left exactly what it is: The Neo-Commies.

Fair's fair. Words mean things. These folks crawling all over and other Soros fronts are not "Marxists" or "Progressives," "Radicals" -- or especially "Liberals" in any real meaning of the word. They are Neo-Commies.

Bring it on.

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