Hillary Allies in Media gang up on Edwards

John Edwards finally made the tabloids for something besides his hair.

It seems Mr. Edwards - he with the cancer stricken wife - has been dallying with a frisky filly who used to work on his campaign. The affair has been going on for the last 18 months - at least, if you can believe anything in the
National Enquirer.

But where did this story come from? And what are the chances that it will be widely disseminated in the media?

Let us look at the media landscape:

Univision is operated by Haim Saban-a major league supporter of the Clintons who intends to lead the way in
registering Hispanics as citizens to increase their voting power. Univision has also apparently been manipulating the news in a way favorable to Democrats (see below);

Ron Burkle, Los Angeles billionaire and friend of the Clintons was negotiating to purchase the Tribune company-owner of vast media properties around the nation;

Alan Patricoff owns a major chunk of the Huffington Post-he is a NYC-based investor with very solid ties to the Clintons extending back years;

Now the National Enquirer-which initiated and is promoting the Edwards affair scandal is revealed to be
owned by a Clinton ally RogerAltman, is rumored to be a possible Clinton Treasury Secretary.

The Clintons and their sometimes ally George Soros also founded Media Matters- a so-called media monitoring group that instead acts as a left-wing media attack machine against anyone who might challenge the Clintons.

What was that Hillary about the vast Right-Wing Conspiracy? Me thinks thou protest too much... What was all that hubbub about the "Fairness Doctrine".

I think that is an exmaple of the pot calling the kettle balck-or is it just psychological projection?