Comprehensive article on phony soldiers

In light of the ongoing discussion and debate over the Rush Limbaugh/"phony soldier" episode, I believe it would serve the cause of truth, facts and context to go back to Nov. 13, 2005, when Anne Morse wrote a lengthy article for the Weekly Standard titled "Whistling Dixie."

That title is inadvertently misleading since the article is a well-researched discussion of fraudulent heroes from the Civil War through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Anne Morse covers these phonies by category:  actors (Brian Dennehy, who later apologized), authors (Joseph Ellis), senators (Tom Harkin), media types (Dan Rather), and others. 

Morse often cites the phony soldier "bible" Stolen Valor, by B.G. Burkett which I recommend highly.  She also provides links to the service-specific site and the more general HomeOfHeroes, which also has citations for many real heroes who earned the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross and other high awards. 

At the end of her article Morse cites a "champion hoaxer" an Asian-American who joined the local American Legion claiming to be a Vietnam vet.  Well, he was, only he had served with the NVA - the North Vietnamese Army!
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