Terrorist Supporting Attorney Invited to Speak about 'Ethics" at Hofstra

Convicted terrorist supporting lawyer Lynne Stewart has been invited by Hofstra University to speak about legal ethics at an event on October 16.

Stewart, a radical attorney who was caught passing messages from her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, to terrorists in Egypt was disbarred for her crimes. This apparently hasn't stopped Hofstra from staging one of the most ironic events in its history; engaging the services of a disagraced criminal lawyer who facilitated communications with the enemies of civilization to talk about "ethics on the edge."

Ed Lasky:

Lest we forget this is the woman-supported by George Soros's Open Society Institute- who was convicted of acting as a messenger for the WTC bombing mastermind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman.
She violated the  prime principle and pledge of all attorneys-to uphold the law. Instead she transmitted messages-and thus became part of a conspiratorial network-for a terrorist who otherwise would not have been able to communicate with his followers. She abused the attorney-client privilege and now Hofstra University wants to honor her with a speaking "gig".

Stewart exemplifies the attorney enablers whose radical politics blinds them to the dangers posed by their clients. In a piece for AT written back in February, 2005,
Rocco DiPippo delved into what makes people like Stewart tick:
In my opinion, people like Stewart, and for that matter all true believers in radical causes, suffer from an abnormal lack of self— fulfillment, and seek to fill that hole in their souls by indulging in the amphetamine high of radical activity.

How elating it must be to mask the intrinsic flaws of one's humanity by becoming part of a movement that promises to end all suffering, privation and injustice. How exciting it must be, how important one must feel, to give one's self to a movement that avows to sweep away man's painful history, all that was before, and start fresh at "year zero."

Like all Utopian ideologies, the promise of radical leftism is a false one, and those who drink deeply from its poisoned well inevitably become disillusioned, when its fatal flaw becomes obvious and it fails in its promise to save mankind from itself. At that point, the decent walk away.
Stewart didn't walk away. Instead, she went from advocate to active participant in her client's machinations against America. And now a prestigious American University will help her rehabilitate her reputation by giving her a forum to talk about something she has demonstrated a towering ignorance; legal ethics.

Irony, indeed. 

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky