Sage advice from the Anchoress

Reacting to the news that the immigration debate was manipulated by the Soros' funded demonstrations in which the massed crowds waved Mexican flags, the Anchoress offers some sage advice for the upcoming election:

Whoever can manipulate the images, whoever can best misdirect your attention, whoever can mesmerize you with their illusions...that is who will win this election, because too many of us buy into everything we see and hear. Unless we stop falling for it all - for the large-scale productions and the small sound bites. How do we do that? I can only hazard a guess, myself:

Remember that half of what you see is an illusion and the rest of what you see is a passing fashion, and you'll fret a good deal less, no matter what the issue.

Perhaps the other half of that good advice is to watch less news and television, read fewer papers, spend less time on political forums feeding your rage and paranoia and spend some time - every single day - being quiet and contemplative. I think that's the only way to counter all of this frenetic noise that leaves you neither time nor room to think and which completely cuts you off from your guts and your instincts. Your guts are there for a reason. Don't stop using them.

Remember, even the internet - particularly the political forums - contribute to the illusions.