reader reactions to Sen. Craig

Your article on August 31 filled me with disgust.  Your author already has "Nifonged" Craig.  I hate to remind you that Craig's civil rights have been abused by you, the RNC and the senate.  You have thrown him under the bus on allegations only.  The voters are finding out fast, if a Republican candidate gets in legal trouble, no matter how minor, the republican party will stab you in the back.  And yet, you wonder why the American public is so disgusted with the senate.

I have yet to see one person, besides and Sweetness and Light, question the officer, his training and especially that chip on his shoulder.  He comes off as a pugnacious, condensing jack ass and a liar.  A fast hair trigger jerk who lost control of the interview.  Craig never prosposition the man . And for the policeman to see Craig's left hand, he either had to be peeking under or over the stall.  

Republicans who are thinking of running for office, DON'T.  And if the republicans treat one of their own this way, just think of how they treat their enemies.  As for foreign policy:  all allies you are on your own.  I will stab one of my own in the back, what makes you think I'll defend you?

"J. Limbaugh"


This whole Sen. Craig issue really hit home with me today. I was examining on how he was accused of having oral sex with a man in a bathroom at Union Station back in '02. What the heck is going on here?

This is my stance on this issue: If he pleaded guilty for this offence under perfectly legal circumstances then, well, HE'S GUILTY!

One of the amazing things that I see here are all the news headlines that say 'Sen Craig Denies Sex Charges.' Charges? Denies? I don't care if the guy didn't commit the crime, he pleaded guilty (opposite of denial) to the charges! He is guilty! Another humorous happening was his public statement on Tuesday:

"In pleading guilty, I overreacted in Minneapolis, because of the stress of the Idaho Statesman's investigation and the rumors it has fueled around Idaho."

Senator, overreacting would have been physically assaulting the police officer for accusing you.  You didn't overreact, you pleaded guilty and went home.

Unfortunately for Craig, he will not be applauded for his escapades. Unlike New Jersey Gov James McGreevey. We conservatives demand a little more from our leadership, we hold values near and dear and don't try to turn events like this into a 'sexual rights' circus.
Donald L Engelhardt
Political Tribute Staff
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