Leftists in India freeze nuclear deal with US

If there has been one clear instance of mutual support in the War on Terror, it's the alliance of the left  and the Jihadis to bring down the US and the Bush Administration.  The Democrats in the Congress have done their part in subverting our long-term strategy to corral terrorists and the rogue nations that support them.  Now, the left in India has taken up the cudgel to derail our plans to surround Iran by cutting off its lines of commerce.

The Voice of America reported  last week that,
India's Congress Party-led government says it has frozen the nuclear deal with the United States while an official committee reviews objections raised by left-wing politicians.  [...]  Following talks between government leaders and their communist coalition partners, [Foreign Minister] Mukherjee said the committee will also examine how the nuclear agreement affects India's foreign and security cooperation. 
On the 29th of August, left-wing political parties also petitioned the government to stop talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Since international nuclear agencies and the U.S. Congress must approve of the deal, this means that the President must not only fight the Democrat controlled Congress to get things moving on the treaty, but must now deal with the IAEA and an Indian government under pressure from its own left trying to scotch the strategically critical arrangement. 

In a rare moment of honesty, the Indian left-wingers also announced that they,
...object to strategic cooperation with the United States and plan to protest joint naval exercises to be held next week.
It's a wonder we're getting anywhere at all in the war having to fight both global leftists and their Islamist partners.