Hsu's (and Reid's) Searchlight Leadership Fund

The dogged researcher Fedora, shows that Hillary is not the only one with a Hsu problem. Harry Reid is also intimately tied to the mysterious donor with no visible means of support.

Caught in the Searchlight: Hsu, Reid, and the Searchlight Leadership Fund

Harry Reid's Mob Money, Part 5

By Fedora

Fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu's donations to Hillary Clinton have understandably grabbed the limelight, but there is another story lurking in the shadows of the affair. Federal Election Commission documents record that on May 17, 2007, Hsu donated $1,000 to the Searchlight Leadership Fund, a political action committee associated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. On the same day, Searchlight received a $1,000 contribution from Winkle Paw, described by Hsu's lawyer as a business associate of Hsu. Also donating $1,000 to Searchlight that day was Paul Su of Dilini Management Group, a company Hsu listed on a form while making a political contribution to Senator Dianne Feinstein.

These donations to Searchlight expose a funding conduit reaching to the heart of Harry Reid's political machine. The financial trail stretches back to Reid's hometown, his longtime business associate Jay Brown, and his Nevada gambling industry patrons; and it connects the Hsu affair to scandal-ridden lobbyists William Oldaker and Jack Abramoff, Reid's financial consigliere Claude Zobell, and a political action committee targeting freshmen Congressmen. (Excerpt)

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