Hillary and the House that Ruth Built

While she was impugning the reputation of General David Patraeus, who was testifying before her committee on Capitol Hill, Hillary Clinton said her day started at Ground Zero, for the 6th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. 

Mrs. Clinton is a Senator from New York, after all, and should have been at the solemn memorial taking place there.  Until those towers are replaced (in part to honor those who died), lower Manhattan will always feel the heavy shadow of that terrible day.
Meanwhile, up in the Bronx, the Yanks are poised for another October run.  Will Mrs. Clinton show up there?  Not a chance.

This self-proclaimed "lifelong Yankee fan" will not dare show up at Yankee Stadium.  On the other hand, Rudy Giuliani, the Real Deal, will most certainly be in attendance when playoff baseball commences.   New Yorkers elected Bill's wife twice.  But city dwellers also elected Rudy twice and he will be in his usual box seat at the House that Ruth Built wearing the cap of his beloved Yanks.   Why, then, will Mrs. Clinton (who grew up in Illinois) stay away?  Because, these die-hards will show her no mercy for her bold-faced lie.

Ever hear of a "Bronx cheer"?

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