Global Warming's Polar Opposition

Need more proof that the Big Green Scare Machine is spoon-feeding you cherry-picked non-science to further their AGW alarmist agenda? Try this.

While news of Arctic ice shrinking to its lowest level on record is being screamed everywhere, like here and here and here, the emergence of colder weather and ice levels at their highest in almost 30 years on the other side of the globe has been all but ignored.

In coming months, you're sure to hear a lot about how global warming has created that which has eluded explorers from John Cabot in 1497 to Henry Hudson in 1609 forever - the fabled Arctic Ocean shipping lane known as the Northwest Passage.

And, while it's true that satellite photos have found an ice-free corridor along Canada, Alaska and Greenland and Northern Hemisphere ice at its lowest level since such images were taken in 1978, it's also true that Antarctic ice levels (Southern Hemisphere) are at record highs for that same period.

That's right, according to the University of Illinois Polar Research Group website The Cryosphere Today:
"The Southern Hemisphere sea ice area has broken the previous maximum of 16.03 million sq. km and is currently at 16.26 million sq. km. This represents an increase of about 1.4% above the previous SH ice area record high"
To be sure, this historic bipolarity of the Southern Hemisphere sea ice maximum corresponding with a Northern Hemisphere sea ice minimum is puzzling.

The fact that climate illusionists will only reveal the heads side of the coin certainly is not.

Hat tip: Powerline