Global Warming Lie of the Day

We're used to reporters making up scare stories about global warming, but when scientists start to make up "drop dead" headlines, things must really be getting desperate in the climate game.  But yesterday, we were told that you'll get a heart attack from global warming.

Fortunately, we can look up the original research on the National Library of Science website, and waddayaknow? People die of heart attacks whenever it's really hot. Or when it is really  cold!
Here's the story at Yahoo-AP. Dr. Karin Schenck-Gustafsson, of the department of cardiology at Sweden's Karolinska Institute is quoted as saying that,
"If it really is a few degrees warmer in the next 50 years, we could definitely have more cardiovascular disease..." [italics added]
And Dr. Gordon Tomaselli, chief of cardiology at Johns Hopkins University, is quoted as saying that "Rust develops much more quickly at warm temperatures and so does atherosclerosis." [italics added]

So all the retirees who head south to Florida and Arizona are going the wrong way, apparently. Tell ‘em to turn around and head north for Canada or Alaska, where it's nice and cold.

Well, not quite. 

Through the magic of the web you can find more than 15 million biomedical abstracts from the National Library of Medicine, better known as "PubMed." Just go to the PubMed link
, and type in "cardiac temperature extremes".

In a second or so  you get lots of scientific abstracts, and right on top, from two scientists at Harvard Medical School, we see a study with this conclusion:
"Conclusions: we confirmed in a large sample of cities that both cold and hot temperatures increase the mortality risk." [italics added]
Is anybody surprised?  Do you suppose the doctor in Sweden didn't know that more people came into the Emergency Room on cold days?

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