Definition of Pond Scum

Everyone knows that politics is a rough game and not for those with weak stomachs or too many skeletons in their closet.

But there used to be lines that just weren't crossed regardless of the provocation. Letting it be known that a candidate's wife was a drunk or a floozy was one such barrier although what earthly difference it would make to voters was never quite made clear. Regardless, the press was usually pretty good about refereeing the political playing field, coming down hard on any campaign that crossed the boundries of taste and what passes for "fair play" in such a cutthroat world.

Where's the line now?

Soon, a new name will pop up on Mike Rogers's hit list.

Larry Craig wasn't "the first on my list," the gay blogger says. And the Idaho senator, who announced his resignation Saturday, "won't be the last."

Rogers, sitting on a club chair in his Northwest Washington apartment, is basking in the attention. For three years now, he's been a feared one-man machine, "outing," he says, nearly three dozen senior political and congressional staffers, White House aides and, most damagingly, Congress members on his blog. On Capitol Hill, a typical phone call from Rogers -- "Are you gay?" he'd ask -- is "a call from Satan himself," says a former high-ranking congressional staffer whose name is on the list.

Rogers reasons that there's justice behind his tactics -- "odious," "outrageous" and "over-the-line" as they might seem to his detractors.
In the twisted, gutter mind of Rogers, if you oppose "gay rights" (whatever that is) and you are a closet homosexual, "all bets are off."

To say that this is perhaps the most nauseating example of how the left can justify using double standards to advance their political agenda is to state the obvious. But where Roger's transgressions against decency and humanity really sink to levels unseen before in American politics is his towering conceit about what constitutes "hypocrisy" and how that self defined character flaw in someone else should lead to either ruining their political careers or their lives.

Someone like Larry Craig who is "outed" by his own behavior is something different entirely. The people who Rogers has deemed unworthy of being allowed to maintain their privacy regarding their sexual preference have not broken any law nor have they transgressed against any rules in Congress that would make their homosexuality an issue in any way, shape or form. Instead, Rogers applies an extraordinary narrow, close minded, indeed ignorant yardstick to determine whether someone "deserves" to be "outed.
In short, if you oppose his own definition of "gay rights" and refuse to "out" yourself, Rogers will do it for you.

There are
many gay Republicans who oppose much of what Rogers considers "gay rights" including gay marriage. Conservative gays have wide ranging opinions on what constitutes gay rights. For Rogers to set himself up as an arbiter of opinion among conservatives - gay or not - about what people should believe is an astonishing demonstration of arrogance.

Quite simply, it's none of his business. This is especially true of Congressional staffers who are not responsible to the voters but rather to the Member of Congress they work for. To "out" a staffer just because Rogers hears rumors about him is beyond belief. What possible difference can it make to Rogers except by outing the aide, he can put another notch on his gun. One more victim of his one man pogrom against gay Republicans who won't slavishly think as he does.

This man is a blight on American politics and should be banished from public life forever. Instead, like his partner in "exposing Republican hypocrisy" porn magnate Larry Flynt, they receive the plaudits and adoration of the left for their efforts.

Times have changed

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky