Clinton associate makes living from evicting middle class New Yorkers

If the press eagerly jumps on stories about sexual misconduct by conservatives, hammering home the theme of "hypocrisy" when greedy financial exploitation is found in the camp of liberals purporting to champion the little guy, shouldn't the same cry be raised if they want to retain a shred of credibility.

So let's watch and see if any national media outlets jump on the story of Chelsea Clinton's employer and major Clinton fundraiser (an official "Hillraiser") Marc Lasry. It seems that one of the ways Chelsea's employer is able to afford her salary and all those donations is by buying-up apartment buildings, kicking-out middle class renters, and presumably finding a more profitable use, such as condo or co-op conversion.

City Hall News, part of Manhattan Media, exposes this perfectly legal, even ordinary activity by UWS Acquisitions, LLC, an affiliate of Avenue Capital, the $13 billion hedge fund where Chelsea works.

I honestly have no issues with this sort of activity, though I do feel sorry for the renters who have to find new quarters. Fortunately, under President Bush, home ownership by Americans is at its highest level ever, and Americans own their own homes far more commonly than most Europeans. Renters do face these hazards, which is why I urge everyone to accumulate enough money for a down payment and join the American Dream Machine, taking advantage of the mortgage interest deduction.

But like the leftists who insist they have no issues with homosexuality but who slam Senator Craig for supposed hypocrisy, aren't I justified in noting the utter hypocrisy of Chelsea making a living and Hillary collecting cash from the guy who causes suffering on the part of folks like these, described by City Hall News:
When the Castronovos were preparing for the arrival of their second child in March, the last thing they had on their minds was moving. The two had lived in an apartment at 65 West 95th Street for three years with their two-year-old daughter. Shakira lived within a few blocks of the school where she teaches second grade and would walk to work. Her husband would drop off their daughter later in the day and Shakira would walk home with her daughter in hand.

That all changed the moment they returned home from the hospital with their newborn daughter Leïla Marinella. A neighbor greeted them with news that after the building's recent purchase by a new landlord in early March, all market rate tenants were to vacate their apartments by the end of April. Shortly after, the Castronovos received notice that they had to be out within five weeks.

The family asked for an extension due to their new daughter's birth, but said that they were told that no accommodations would be made.
Obviously the Castronovos need tax cuts so they can afford to buy a home. I hope some staffer tells Hillary that if she's asked about Lasry she had better stay away from that cackle laugh she used so often on the Sunday shows last week.