The return of 'The Eternal Jew'?

The website Serbiana draws our attention (hat tip: Ummah News Links) to an appalling front page headline story in a Bosnian Muslim newspaper, Novi Horizonti.In a front page cover bearing resemblance to the infamous Nazi poster Eternal Jew, Bosnian Muslim newspaper Novi Horizonti is accusing Jews and Serbs of conspiring against Islam and comparing both Jews and Serbs to habitual killers of Muslims in Palestine and Bosnia. "So, what is that which connects Serbian nationalists and Zionists?" asks Novi Horizonti. "Surely, the only common thread that connects those two non connectable categories is demonization of Muslim Bosniaks and Palestinians and their characterization as the world terrorists, so they could get world support for their evil political objectives," explains Novi Horizonti. The Editor in Chief of Novi Horizonti is Ahmed Adilovic. According to a witness testimony at the war crimes court at The Hague, Adilovic was cited as the chief "of information,...(Read Full Post)