President or Bust for McCain?

With his recent all-or-nothing gamble on the immigration reform bill, McCain now must deal with political reality in his home state.  A new poll shows John McCain losing in the next election to retain his U.S. Senate seat in Arizona.  A Rocky Mountain Poll has him losing to the current Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, a Democrat. 

Is Napolitano doing that great of a job?  No, she's not. 
Napolitano, who came to Arizona as the appointed U.S. Attorney for Arizona by the Clinton White House in 1993 (when they fired all U.S. Attorneys), bills herself the "education governor."  Yet Arizona ranks last (#50) among all states, when it comes to "school smarts" as compiled by Morgan Quinto Press.   McCain, who has dreams of staying in power till his natural death, is losing to that kind of incompetence.

How bad was McCain's decision to drive off the immigration cliff? It is Republicans who are giving McCain the boot.
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