Obama takes himself out of the running

Some people think we have been unduly harsh on Barack Obama. It's true that many of our contributors find him unprepared, shallow, arrogant, phony, and distrust his forthrightness. But his latest gaffe, stating that he would not use nuclear weapons, is even more frightening than his recent tough talk about invading Pakistan.

Obama, quite simply has taken himself out of the race. He has proved that he cannot be trusted with the nation's security. This is a dangerous man.

Don Surber has already written what I think and has
done a better job than I could have.

No nukes? Why not just adopt sharia law now and end the Global War On Terrorism? Hands up. White flags out. The 14th century could not have been that bad.

Could it?

The quickest step toward a nuclear war is to say nukes are off the table. It paints a bright red target on the United States.

How did this flimsy lightweight get to be the No. 2 person in the Democratic presidential race? Are Democrats so absent any leadership - any gravitas - that they have to go with a first-term senator whose chief claim to fame before the Senate was that he could not get elected to Congress?
Hat tip: Ed Lasky

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