How MSNBC sees our troops

If you want to read an utterly typical assortment of the U.S. media's reporting of the "news" to a nation that is engaged in a war that it desperately needs to win click here for MSNBC's collection of stories.

Why are there almost never any stories of bravery, nobility, competence... goodness?  Gee, I don't know. 

"Soldier: Sergeant beat Iraq detainee with bat"
The only kind of story we receive on the individual actions of our soldiers.

"Your photos of soldiers who've made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan." 
Wow! This one is sure to stiffen the resolve of those at home.

"Scars from Iraq" - "Through the eyes of children - The youngest Iraqis reflect on life in war and share their hopes and aspirations." 
Click on the link.  You'll be treated to an adult reporter learning that the "least favorite things" of Iraqi are children are "when they are shooting."  An infantile story to be consumed by an infantile nation.

"Three U.S. troops share how the visible and invisible wounds of war changed their lives and impacted their loved ones." 
The photos alone will ensure that we'll be dissuaded from using our armed forces in combat.

"Baghdad ER scenes - The 28th Combat Support Hospital in action after a mortar attack hit a family gathering in the Iraqi capital." 
Huh?  "A mortar attack hit a family gathering..."  You mean these mortars are going around attacking families?  How can we stop these mean mortars?  This stuff doesn't happen in Peoria.  Why do you think the headline was not "ER Photographs of Women and Children That Terrorists Tried to Slaughter?"

"Reuters Remembering the fallen - Family and friends remember loved ones who lost their lives serving in Iraq. View photographs and listen to their stories."
Reuters?  Gee, I wonder what their motivation might be in bringing us these remembrances?

Alan Fraser is the proud father of a United States Marine.