Flight 93 Memorial: Screw You, America

Michell Malkin is outraged (rightly) that the Red Crescent is back on the Flight 93 memorial to the Americans on that flight who were murdered by the 9/11 hijackers. It is an outrage. 

Writes Michelle,   
"Tons of you are stunned, outraged, and sickened by the new Flight 93 Memorial, the "Crescent of Embrace." I called the architect responsible for the redesign, Paul Murdoch of Los Angeles, yesterday for comment. He did not return my call..."
Take a look at Michelle's site. And call up your Congress critters, the sleazoid architect, and the President.

Who is responsible? Paul Murdoch most of all, playing post-modern in-your-face screw-you games. But also the people who paid  this sleazoid to screw over the people who died in the biggest terrorist attack on American soil. Who are they?

This is a slap in the face, and no one can doubt that it's deliberate. Our enemies take Muslim symbols with deadly seriousness. They will see this as a triumph for jihad, and a surrender by America.

James Lewis blogs at http://www.dangeroustimes.wordpress.com/