Wonkette a Jew-hater?

The blog My Right Word notices a very disturbing indication of the mainstreaming of antisemitism in the left-liberal Wonkette website:
Editor Alex Pareene and Interns Nick Mueller and Lauren Spohrer may be responsible for this post which refers to someone they call "Rudy-Jew-liani" who gave an interview to the "Jew York Time
Wonkette is owned by Gawker Media, a firm which publishes several titles. Apparently there are 4 people behind the Wokette blog. Whoever wrote this exposes his feelings and bias.

Rudy is not Jewish, needless to say. The New York Times Company is a publicly-held corporation with many (dissatisfied) shareholders. It is headed at the corporate level by  Pinch Sulzberger, reportedly an Episcopalian.

The left has become the home of Jew-hatred in America. It is time that Jews and other Americans woke up and smelled the rancid odor.

Hat tip: Maverick News Media