The Ugly European

David's Media Critique   is one of the top blogs reviewing European media, and especially tracking massively resurgent anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism in the German media. Blogger Ray Drake has posted a YouTube video by Professor Andrei Markovitz of the University of Michigan, reporting on how editors of German media pressure their correspondents in the United States to feed the long-term smear campaign.

It's really ugly. It's also very, very deliberate and systematic. Prof. Markovitz now maintains that the anti-American campaign is now generating a feeding frenzy of demand for more smears against the United States. Anti-Americanism is very traditional in Europe (going back at least to 1776), but after World War Two it went into abeyance for decades. Its resurgence reflects European elite opinion and strategy. The US government does nothing about it, presumably on grounds of freedom of speech.

But American citizens can make their own decisions. With the Free Blogosphere rising, we can make our voices heard.

Watch it and draw your own conclusions. 

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