Surging success in Iraq

"Our forces continue to strike wherever they hide," is how Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman Major Mark Young described a series of recent coalition raids targeted on Al Qaeda cells and cell leaders. Here is a recap:

1.  10 buildings raided south of Baghdad looking for cell leader.  2 terrorists killed by coalition forces as they approached first building.  16 suspects detained in process of securing remaining objectives.

2. Terrorist attempting to set up automatic weapon killed during another raid and 10 suspects detained.

3.  Two terrorists suspected of involvement in AQ media operations detained (see previously posted item in major AQI media center discovery)

4.  East of Ramadi, alleged financial "emir" and 4 associates detained.  "Emir" recently returned from Syria where he'd been facilitating weapons shipments into Iraq.

5.  In Mosul, 8 terrorist suspects detained in raid targeted against AQ "emir" of that city.
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