Oh! You Mean THAT Hitler

A reader emails us the following:

 So waiting for the Dolphin swim at Discovery Cove in Orlando, my daughter Nikki and I were seated with a Brit family--mom, daughter and son. After small talk about the great value of the pound vs the dollar etc, I mentioned that Churchill was one of my heroes. The son, no more than 16 countered that he really liked Hitler, and his sister Gandhi. I was stunned and sickened.

According to him, Hitler was a great leader and did great things for the German people. He brought them out of depression. His quest for land was only to provide "living space" for the German people. The reason for the London bombings was because Britain "carpet bombed" German cities. Hitler had to attack France, for they were a treat to his effort to gain land for living space. The atrocities of the Holocaust were attributed to the fact that he was "mad", so it wasn't his fault. In general, his intentions were noble.

In speaking privately with his mother after my discussion, she stated that this is the new curriculum in the British schools to combat "prejudice" against Germans. They teach the children not to "judge" Hitler.

The benefits of not judging someone like Hitler become immediately apparent; you can stick you head in the sand when evil rears up to challenge everything you hold dear. I cannot believe what has been happening to Great Britain the last decade or so. It is incomprehensible that one of the bastions of western civilization would so meekly and willingly give up its traditions and values to serve the master of multiculturalism and diversity.

They are on a road to ruin and no one seems able to stop them.

Hat Tip: Richard Baehr

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