Obama and the Sojourners for Hamas

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has established ties with Sojourners: a liberal Christian group (with the emphasis on liberal) as a way to burnish his religious credentials and gain political strength. This very same group is supportive of Hamas, a vicious Palestinian terror group responsible for the deaths of many innocent people and a group that indoctrinates its youth to hate. Not to mention dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews. What gives, Barack?

Obama spoke at their forum in Washington, D.C. last month ; he also spoke at the Sojourners Pentecost conference last year where he received an award.

I suppose this group is marginally better and certainly provide a better image for Obama than his much deeper ties to the controversial Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Jr. (his spiritual mentor)-who openly spouts anti-Israel invective, supports divestment actions against Israel, supports Louis Farrakhan (Judaism is a "gutter religion") and travels to Libya to offer support to the arch-foe of Israel and sponsor of terror Col. Muammar al-Gadaffi (recall Lockerbie airplane bombing?)
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