How the BBC inspires British terrorism

How could Muslim doctors want to bomb innocent young party goers in their own country? Because for decades the BBC has been telling them how evil Britain and the West really are, every single day, without ever being questioned. Even without imported  Pakistani imams to brainwash gullible young men into bloody jihad, sixty million people in Britain receive daily wall-to-wall indoctrination from the Left. Forget those two million Pakistani Muslims in London; the tax-funded BBC has become the single most suicidal force in Britain.

As Gerard Baker wrote in the London Times
"You really do have to leave the country to appreciate fully how pernicious the BBC's grasp of the nation's cultural and political soul has become. The groupthink and assumptions implicit in almost everything broadcast by BBC News, and even less explicitly by much else of the corporation's output, lie like a suffocating blanket over the national consciousness.

This is the mindset ...that believes the West is the perpetrator of just about every ill that has ever befallen the world - from colonialism to global warming."
For one little example, the Beeb officially considers Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, the genocide-threatening maniac who runs Tehran today, as an  "outpoken critic" of Israel.   

As the Beeb itself finally admitted,

"The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It's a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal (translate: insanely Left) bias ...." (parenthesis added) Andrew Marr, the Daily Mail, Oct 21st, 2006. (Via Biased BBC)
Which is also why Britain somehow can't get itself to connect two little taboo words: "Muslim" and  "terrorist." New Prime Minister Gordon Brown has just told his Cabinet never to utter those words in the same sentence, as a result of which the Defense and Home Office Ministers cannot talk about what just happened. This is stark raving mad, of course, as everybody really knows by now.

But in the BBC atmosphere of universal British and American guilt, spreading like an old-style London miasma over everything, the words "Muslim" and  "terrorist" can't possibly coexist. "Asian militant" is about as close as one is allowed to get. The resulting confusion and self-sabotage are enough to castrate the British security services in the fight against yet another unprovoked bomb attack. Because, you see, Britain and the West deserve everything that's coming to them. If there really are two thousand jihadis in Britain, ready to set off the next attack, all they need for motivation is to watch Auntie Beeb.

Until the BBC is able to face reality, rather than the FantasyLand of the Hard Left, lethally mixed with Islamist propaganda, Britain will be at great risk from its own Muslims. Immigrant assimilation into British traditions of tolerance will be delayed for another generation, for today's young Muslims are more radical than their parents. What do you expect, when they keep getting the same hate-Britain message every single day from the tenured radicals at the tax-supported BBC?

As Lenin famously remarked, the West will sell us the rope to hang them with. Needless to say, Lenin and Marx are played up as historic heroes in the Barmy Beeb. Osama bin Laden is simply skating in on a century of Stalinist propaganda, which has never been stopped or repudiated.

This is not your father's Britain any more. 

Hat tip: Biased BBC 

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