'Excellence' according to educrats

This online video takes place at what appears to be a girl's private high school, Padua Academy (a National School of Excellence, as specified by the US Dept. of Education). A young man with a microphone is asking the young women to sign a petition to end women's suffrage. If you weren't taught any history in high school, that statement appears to mean ending women's "suffering," a cause that most young women would heartily support. See what happens on YouTube for yourself. You need high speed internet for this. If you don't have high speed, I don't think I'm surprising you by saying that most of the girls signed the petition. I am shocked, but not surprised.

Watch the results.

This second video  starts with an adult woman, who looks like some teenager's mother, signing the petition as well.

At Chantilly High School (I believe that's in Virginia), young women gladly sign the petition, as well.

(Jack Kemp is not the politician of the same name.)

Thomas Lifson adds:

Jay Leno's famous feature "Jaywalking" has long demonstrated the appalling ignorance of many of the public. But these are supposedly women who are educated at some of our finest high schools. It may be too late....

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