Chirac, de Villepin used dirty tricks, forged documents to frame Sarkozy

Remember how many media libs swooned over former French prime minister Daniel de Villepin? He published poetry! He wrote a book about Napoleon! He dressed in fancy suits and was oh, so sophisticated. Not like you-know-who, the guy who makes self-styled sophisticated Americans cringe in embarrassment.

Many conservatives heartily despised de Villepin and his boss President Chirac, recognizing them as hypocritical libs, and smarting over French betrayal in the UN Security Council. Evidence is now accumulating that conservatuives were right all along.

The U.K. Telegraph has published an account of a devious plot by de Villepan and French president Chirac to smear their hated rival (and now French president) Sarkozy, back when he was interior minister in 2004.
President Sarkozy was the victim of a smear campaign by his predecessor, Jacques Chirac, and a former prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, new evidence suggested yesterday.

The alleged plot was directed against Mr. Sarkozy when he was interior minister in 2004, at a time when his two superiors were desperate to quash his presidential ambitions.

The fresh evidence, recovered by computer experts from the hard disc of a laptop belonging to a retired spymaster, could lead to Mr. de Villepin being placed under official investigation.

It also stood to further tarnish Mr. Chirac's legacy, even though he cannot be questioned about the case because he was president when the events took place.
Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Rocketsbrain wonders if there might not be a forgery connection to the famous 16 words in the State of the Union address.
As an old shopworn economic crimes investigator, I can't seem to get away from the old adage, follow the money, honey!, to explain behaviors and motivations that appear at first glance appear to be incongruent.

RBT was fascinated and riveted by an article that appeared sometime ago at The American Thinker ,
Joseph Wilson IV: The French Connection. In short the Plame-Wilson Affair was a high level French intel services' disinformation campaign to CYA high level French politicos by shifting the heat to and discrediting President Bush. Mind you the French followed by the Russians and the Chinese in that order were highest receivers of money from the UN Oil for Food Scandal. Saddam was raking in money hand over fist on both ends of this program. Do you suppose there is a connection with these countries who are permanent members of the UN Security Council and their veto votes to hold Saddam accountable?

Mind you it was the French Ambassador who pulled the rug out from under and knifed Secretary of State Colin Powell in the back before his address to the UN on Iraq. And yes, RBT believes that
Saddam's WMD went to Syria with the assistance of the Russians during the run up to the latest Iraq War from the investigative work done by Ray Robison, Scott Malensek, and Mark Eichenlaub.

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